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Posted by Veronique on June 24th, 2022

Getting Into Character With Talia Ryder And Saint Laurent

At just 19 years old, there’s something about Talia Ryder that feels wise beyond her years. The NYC-based actress kicked off her career on Broadway and has since performed in award-winning films, broken hearts in major pop music videos, and starred in a Saint Laurent campaign. Despite this quick rise to fame over the last few years, Ryder has managed to maintain a patient work ethic and thoughtful approach to every role she plays — both on stage and off.

Today, she’s playing dress-up in Saint Laurent’s Summer ’22 collection, which pays homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s own artistic inspiration: Paloma Picasso. Archival floral prints wrap across sleek, ’80s-inspired jumpsuits; accessories take shape in bursts of bright red and royal blue; and ultra-boxy silhouettes are balanced with soft, fluid lines. On the streets of downtown New York City, Ryder effortlessly embodies the sense of singularity, freedom, and studied nonchalance that are at play in the collection. Clearly, she’s done this before.

Together with Saint Laurent, Ryder pulls back the curtain on her burgeoning world: where muses are familial and diligence is inherited, where city-minded practicality balances sheer flamboyance, and where the wardrobe is always the answer to finding one’s voice.

Saint Laurent’s summer ’22 collection is inspired by the independent spirit and duality of designer Paloma Picasso. Who or what has inspired your career in acting and your tenacious work ethic?

Probably my mom. Like Paloma Picasso, I feel like I have a parent whose big shoes I have to fill. My mom isn’t in the arts, though; she is a doctor and she’s the most selfless and hardworking person I know. Watching her not only balance being a mother, doctor, and friend — among many other things — but go above and beyond in every area of her life made me realize anything is possible and that I don’t have to limit myself to being just one thing. I’ve watched her face every challenge in her life with such grace and positivity. I always think ‘what would mom do?’ when I’m in a tricky situation.

Saint Laurent is celebrated for its delicate balance of grit, masculinity, and effortless glamour. In many ways, New York City echoes this very design ethos. How has the city guided your career and helped shape your style POV?

Living in New York makes practicality a huge part of your style, or at least it has had that effect on mine. I check my weather app in the morning and have to plan my layers accordingly. It could be cold and rainy in the morning and hot and sunny by the afternoon — and with walking being my preferred method of transportation, I have to plan accordingly. My style has always been influenced by more masculine silhouettes, but recently I feel like I’ve become more curious about combining masculine and feminine elements in my outfits. I really love the shape of the oversized blazers paired with the slim pants (or no pants) and heels in this collection.

Anthony Vaccarello consistently nods to the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent by balancing classical austerity with brooding baroque designs. How do you harmonize your own perspective with those of the characters you play?

My personal style always makes its way into the roles I play, and vice versa. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, you make so many assumptions about a person based on what they wear. Figuring out my character’s wardrobe is probably the most important question to answer when figuring out a character. I think about what I would wear in certain situations and see where I and this person would wear similar or different things. I try to find a middle ground between myself and what’s written on the page because we’ll never be 100 percent the same. I love digging through my personal clothes and finding pieces to use for a role.

Saint Laurent’s new ICARE shopping bag is sculptural yet functional, with two ways to wear it and a roomy, oversized design. Are you more inclined to dress for function or form?

Living in NY doesn’t really give you the option to not dress practically. The ICARE bag is like the bag equivalent of layering.

Paloma red and blue accessories punctuate the collection. How does color impact your world and what role does it play in your personal style?

Color plays a huge part in my personal style. My style and color preferences change depending on my mood. Last month, there were a few weeks where I only wore green. I think the reds and blues in this collection inspire boldness and confidence, which really elevates the looks. Clothes always look better when you feel good in them.

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