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Posted by Veronique on July 7th, 2022

Talia Ryder has already appeared on Broadway, starred in an Olivia Rodrigo music video, and performed in acclaimed movies including Eliza Hittman’s 2020 indie, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, and Steven Spielberg’s epic cinematic adaptation of West Side Story. Now she’s landed the lead opposite Jordan Fisher in Netflix’s teen rom-com Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between.

Did you meet Jordan Fisher first in your screen test for Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, to see if there was chemistry there?

No, we met for the first time after I had been offered the role. I auditioned and was cast during the pandemic so screen tests were impossible. Luckily, we had a lot in common both coming from a Broadway background and became friends quickly.

It’s a story that really covers various aspects of relationships, from vulnerability to loyalty, and possibly regret. What did you love most about the script, what made you want to take the role?

While I was reading the script it just seemed like a movie I would really want to watch. Falling in love at an age where your life is just starting is a universal experience that I haven’t seen depicted in a film like this before. It’s unique because it explores attachment styles and communication in a healthy and beautiful way. While Claire and Aiden have their flaws and hurt each other plenty, you get to watch the development of a really beautiful and loving relationship at a time in their lives where so much is undecided and changing.

Were you able to relate and empathise with any parts of your character?

I immediately saw myself in Claire. She and I are both extremely driven, and I think for that reason are hesitant when it comes to love out of fear of losing ourselves in a relationship.

How do you think the computer age, being online and social media have changed romance?

I think that social media and the times we’re living in have changed romance. Not only is it a whole new way to meet people but it’s also a whole other side of a relationship you have to manage. We communicate so much through texting and social media and there’s more opportunity for things to be misinterpreted.

Do you have a movie crush?

I just saw Elvis, so I have an acting crush on Austin Butler, he was such a compelling performer, and his dancing blew me away. But my forever movie crush is Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted, which was one of my favourite performances of all time.

When you get the chance to meet an actor or performer you really admire, what do you say? Have you ever been starstruck?

I’m not really shy about that stuff. I’ll always tell people when I’m a fan of their work. I always get starstruck by my friends though. It’s so crazy seeing people you know perform. It’s like no waayyy! that’s actually you?!

When did you know you wanted to be an actor, as you started off as a dancer in Matilda on Broadway, is that right?

Before doing Matilda, I had dreams of being a professional dancer and auditioned for the show just for the experience, never expecting to be cast. Being on Broadway and getting to move to New York completely changed my outlook on life, and I realised I had the opportunity to really make a career out of this. I had to learn how to act and sing for my role in the show and realised how intertwined dancing and acting are to authentically tell a story. I got an agent through being in the show and just decided to go for it with acting.

You went on to play in Never Rarely Sometimes Always, and then joined Steven Spielberg’s epic cinematic version of West Side Story. Did it all feel a bit unreal going from quite an intimate set to this massive production and cast?

I knew going into them both that the processes would look very different. It was cool getting to see two very different films being made and see the same level of passion and creativity in two different environments.

I imagine the dancing was full on too, having to learn all that choreography? Did you come away with all the songs going round in your head for hours, days, like even when you were sleeping?

It was pretty full on but getting to work with Justin Peck was incredible. I had steps stuck in my head more than the music, I think. I’d always be marking the choreography around the house or waiting for the train.

Which of Spielberg’s movies is your favourite or would you have loved to star in?

I grew up watching so many of his movies. While ET is my favourite, I think Ready Player One would’ve been so much fun to shoot.

Who are your acting or director heroes? Who else would you love to work with?

I would just really love to work with Steven [Spielberg] again. He’s the definition of a true legend to me. He approaches everything he does with detail and care as well as making everyone on his set feel valued and respected. Working on West Side Story changed the way I look at filmmaking and collaboration and I would just love the chance to witness him make magic like that again.

Are you attracted to playing a certain type of character or a genre, what do you look for in a role?

I wouldn’t say I’m attracted to any specific character or genre. It really comes down to believing in the script as well as the director’s vision for the story. It’s important to me to feel inspired and challenged by the characters I’m playing, but it really comes down to the story that’s being told.

What’s next for you? Can you tell me about your projects Do Revenge and Joika?

Do Revenge will be out in September! It looks really amazing. Jennifer Robinson who wrote and directed the film is truly a genius. The film pays homage to the ‘90s teen movie’ while being super funny and relevant to today’s culture. Joika is a very intense film that shines a light on both the toxicity and beauty of the ballet world. It’s the most demanding role I’ve ever played, but it was so amazing getting to combine my love of dance and acting for the part.


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