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Talia Ryder & Myha’la Herrold Are Two Pretty Best Friends

Romance is out! Friendship is in! This Valentine’s Day, Highsnobiety is celebrating the beauty of love outside the traditional confines of romantic relationships. After all, friendship and creative collaboration take just as much work, time, and effort. Meet 5 couples who aren’t couples here and read about the state of love today.

Talia Ryder, the 21-year-old actor best known for her role in Never Rarely Sometimes Always, and 27-year-old Myha’la Herrold, who stars on HBO’s Industry and in Bodies Bodies Bodies, met on the set of a Vogue shoot. At first, it was just business. Then came friendship, one built on a shared passion for their craft.

The value of this type of relationship is not lost on either of them. “I feel very fortunate to be so early in my career and to have met such amazing collaborators that I hope to continue creating with,” Ryder tells us. And about Ryder, Herrold says: “I don’t think she knows how to be dishonest, and that makes for a great friend and an amazing actor.”

To have a creative collaborator and friend is gold.

Highsnobiety: How did you two meet?

Myha’la Herrold: Talia and I met on our first day of rehearsal for Dumb Money.

Talia Ryder: We actually met for the first time in passing on the set of a Vogue shoot. This was months before Dumb Money. There was something familiar about Myha’la, though — it felt like I had known her before or something.

How would you describe each other’s personal styles?

Herrold: Talia is current and unabashedly herself. Like the definition of an it-girl, because she really is “it,” has “it,” whatever that ineffable “it” is. She’s got it in spades. I always think, “How does she look so cool but also like she just threw whatever together?” Effortless.

Ryder: I would say Myha’la has a punk-chic quality to her style that I really like. I like how she mixes high-fashion pieces with different accessories. There’s a picture on her Instagram of her in Miu Miu lingerie with this big choker and funky sunglasses — that feels really her to me. She looks badass.

How are you similar?

Herrold: I think Talia and I are both good-vibes people. We like to have fun, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and are committed to securing the good vibes.

Ryder: I think we’re both very driven and have a strong sense of ourselves and our style.

How would you describe creative collaboration?

Herrold: Creative collaboration, to me, is really about creating an environment where everyone involved feels supported to add their creative input to the task at hand. Where all the people feel respected, seen, heard, appreciated, and like their contribution is valued.

Ryder: Creative collaboration is being unafraid to share your ideas while also being willing to go out of your comfort zone for someone else.

What do you appreciate about each other?

Herrold: I really appreciate how firm Talia is in her commitment to authenticity.

Ryder: I appreciate Myha’la’s love for her work and her family.

Creatively, what are your differences and how do you navigate them?

Herrold: I think I’m more willing to fold on some things where Talia isn’t. And I really respect that about her. I think I could take a page out of her book and be more firm and outspoken about the things I think creatively.

Ryder: I’m not sure, honestly. At least to me it felt like we were really on the same page about our characters and their journeys in the story. I hope we get to do another movie together again.

Who in fashion do you look up to? What about creative duos?

Herrold: I really look up to Rihanna. It just feels like she doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks or wants from her, so when she makes something, it’s 100 percent her, and when you have that confidence, it radiates and colors everything you do. She’s so fabulous.

Ryder: I really admire Yves Saint Laurent. He and his partner Pierre Bergé were obviously a very famous duo in that world. I think creative duos are really beautiful. If you can find someone who shares your vision and who you can create with, I think that’s a really magical thing. I think a lot about Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, as well. They were an incredible duo and both fed each other in different ways.

How does your style overlap? How does it differ?

Herrold: I think I’m really about comfy chic. I think Talia is also down for a comfy chic moment.

Ryder: I think we both enjoy blurring the line between femininity and masculinity in our styles. You can see that in our characters’ costumes in Dumb Money, as well. I think we also both just have a strong sense of ourselves and know what makes us feel good and what doesn’t. I feel like we both know what shapes we like on ourselves and what makes us feel confident; and while they may not always be the same things, our energy aligns.

Source: highsnobiety.com

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